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Five Musicians, One Guitar

Walk off the Earth and Sarah Blackwood cover Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know" with six hands on a six-string.

I'm Batbear

True, most black bears don't have that much white -- I checked with Dwight Schrute. But c'mon: Let him in. You can't deny that face.

This Isn't Shopped

Tinted orange by the morning sun, a soaring dune is the backdrop for the hulks of camel thorn trees in Namib-Naukluft Park.

Hacker Typer

Quick, backlog into the beta charlie and shut down the gigawats before the generator arc jumps the system!

Badass Wedding Invite

Illustrator Manuel Morgado designed this invite for the wedding of Redditor TheLocoYoko. If they can survive this wedding, their marriage can survive anything.


No wonder some people think Charles Darwin is full of shit.

The Skin Gun

Dr. Jörg C. Gerlach has developed a stem cell-powered gun that sprays skin onto burn victims like an airbrush, and cuts the time of treatment from weeks down to ninety minutes.

Zombie Infection Documented On Facebook

If zombies ever take over When zombies finally take over, this is exactly how it's all going to go start. Keep an eye on your social networking profiles, it might save your life some day.

Insane Twins Run Into Traffic

A pair of insane Swedish twins in England react to a traffic stop by running, one after the other, into oncoming traffic.


I hate this.

The Essay Rickroll

When Redditor Mayniac182 suspected his teacher wasn't actually reading his essays, he did what any normal computer science student would do. He spent 8 hours formatting it into a Rickroll to see if his teacher would notice.

Killer Smile

Watch out, ladies! You probably shouldn't even watch this.

Footprints by Praying

A Buddhist Monk in China prayed 3000 times a day for 20 years in the same spot. He made footprints in the wood he was standing on.

Polymer Porn

This is how chemists get off. It's a little bit sad, honestly, but apparently it works for them.


Bubbling, bub·bling, gerund: “A creative way to bypass religious restrictions on looking at porn or nudity.” A horny but inventive Mormon fellow invented Bubbling because he's not allowed to look at porn. Here's how it works. (Via Reddit.)

How To Win The Heart Of A Gamer

So. Adorably. Geeky. Although, I’m pretty sure this would work a lot better on a guy if it was done by a girl than it would the other way around.

Sad Keanu Papercraft

Now Sad Keanu can adorn even the happiest computer monitors. A somber papercraft reminder of the futility of life (and sandwiches).

Pictures of Clown Funerals

Clowns live by a code. From the cradle to the Big Top to the grave.


That girl is just floating in the air! Feel like there may be someone crouching underneath but she's wearing camouflage so not sure.

Hitler Lotion Bottle

This bottle of lotion totally looks like Adolf Hitler. Don't try to deny it.

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