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Jake Gyllenhaal Will Break Your Heart In His New Movie

And also sexually awaken you, but what else is new?

These Photos Of Hot Men And Cats Will Make You Feel Things

An exclusive look inside Men & Cats, from the creators of the Tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons.

A Guy Just Did The Most Epic "Cha Cha Slide" Dance Ever

*Longs for a second chance on the middle school dance floor*

Here's Everything We Know About "Game Of Thrones" Season 6 (So Far)

If you don't want to know anything about the next season, it's probably best you stop here!

18 Maps That Will Change How You See The World

Including some disturbing news for America.

Here Are Brand-New Images From The Illustrated Edition Of “Harry Potter”

The first fully illustrated edition of Harry Potter goes on sale Oct. 6.

The Rock Rescued His Adorable New Puppy On Labor Day

Nothing like a little potty-training drama to welcome you to the Johnson family!

21 Dogs Who Will Make You Believe In Happiness

If you're ever sad, just remember that dogs exist.

A Lot Of People Are Upset About A YouTuber's Fat-Shaming Video

Nicole Arbour's video, which she says was satire, has a lot of people talking.

This Potato Salad Is Basically The American Dream

The most p(ot)atriotic side dish you've ever seen.

16 Incredible Maps That Will Blow Your Mind

These maps will change your understanding of our planet.

Women Read Playboy For The First Time

"This is where it gets dicey."

This Local News Reporter's Bear Attack Video Is The Funniest Thing In The World

What to do if a bear attacks? This reporter tells all.

The Best Reactions To Game Of Thrones' "Red Wedding"

If you're still working out some of your trauma, or if you just like to watch people suffer, here's a fantastic compilation of reactions to the Game of Thrones episode that ruined everyone's life this week. We will get through this together. (Via BuzzFeed Community member Kendrick)

The 9 Cutest Things That Ever Happened Sung By The Australian Voices

Take the 9 cutest things that ever happened, set them to music, get Australians to sing it... MULTIPLY THE CUTE.

"Iron Man 3" Trailer Sweded

I vote for these guys to direct the new Star Wars films.

Jill Biden Inadvertently Makes A Really Long Penis Joke

The crowd starts cracking up at an unintentional euphemism, then the Bidens themselves can't stop laughing. Looks like John Hamm has competition.

Man Has Conversation With His 12-Year-Old Self

Super easy to do: Just plan 20 years in advance, stay charming throughout, and, whatever you do, don't blink. This is the best thing on the Internet today, hands down.

Career Confidential: A Wedding Photographer Who Wonders If Some Couples Even Like Each Other

"Also, nine times out of 10, the bride is more attractive than the groom."

The Problem With Banning "Thinspo" Content On Instagram

It's the latest social networking tool to ban "thinspirational" content. But is that even possible?

The Gauntlet Challenge

This video will change your life. A man—nay, a hero—attempts to consume 6 habanero peppers, 15 Warhead sour candies, 2 spoons full of cinnamon, countless Mentos, a 2 liter of Diet Coke and a gallon of milk. All of this on Christmas Eve. He is a barbarian. WARNING: Lots of vomit.

The 30 Cutest Boys With Beards With Cats

I can't. And I'm pretty sure you can't either.

The "Original" Sarah McLachlan SPCA PSA

We are so lucky that Megan Amram found this. This commercial always did make me cry. Just never like this.

Worst Church Singer Ever

Just remember: the Bible says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Oh, who am I kidding? This is terrible.

Green Screen Prank Gives Hot Weather Girl A "Fat Man In Banana-Hammock" Body

Los Angeles' Telemundo 52 either had a major on-air graphic fail or planned a prank that meteorologist Ericka Pino was definitely not aware of. Here's Ericka attempting to deliver the weather report when suddenly the nice beach background changes to include the body of a fat, hairy dude who happens to be gyrating and thrusting. Did I mention there is a banana-hammock involved?

Greatest Freudian Slip Ever

Congratulations to the Denver 9 News team - both to their physical endowments and their flawless delivery of an instant classic. Pulitzer-worthy reporting here, if you ask me.

"Dr. Pepper Is Seriously The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me"

During the halftime of the LSU-Georgia SEC Championship, Ivon won a football-throwing contest. Congratulations, Ivon!

Puppy Rescued On Busy Freeway After Car Crash

This has all the elements to an epic motion picture masterpiece. It's heart-wrenching, hilarious, drawn-out, and ... you just have to watch the whole thing. The amazing race starts at 0:20.

Timed To Perfection

It actually takes some time to notice how clever their timing truly is. I cannot imagine how much practice this took.

Peanut Butter Monster Man

Man in peanut butter bath (aka most disgusting thing I've ever seen).

Grandpa Left A Video Will

We'll miss you, Pappy.

Coolest Little League Coach Ever

"Anybody ever seen Red Shoe Diaries?"

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