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Mardi Gras 2016

Mardi Gras 2016

Here's What Mardi Gras Means To LGBT Teens

Behind the happy, smiling faces is one simple message for the government.

How Mardi Gras Helped These Straight Parents Accept Their LGBT Kids

The PFLAG float for parents and friends of LGBT people has been a Mardi Gras regular for decades. BuzzFeed News spent the night with them.

19 Photos Straight Men Will Never Understand

"You're a gay guy, you must know a lot about clothes!" Lmao k.

This Is What Iconic Movies Would Look Like With LGBT People

What if Edward Scissorhands had been gay?

7 Rainbow Recipes That Look Impressive But Are Actually Easy AF

Have a go at these sweet treats, just in time for Sydney Mardi Gras.

Look At This 18-Metre Dick Erected In Sydney

It's on, and that's not on.

9 Things Straight White Guys Won't Understand About Gaming

Australia is about to host its first queer gaming convention, coz gamer allies of all stripes need to unite.

This Is The Side Of Mardi Gras You Don't Always Get To See

Mardi Gras is more than glitter and sequins.

Police Finally Apologise To The First Mardi Gras Protesters For The Way They Were Treated

Those who experienced assault, arrest and public outing in 1978 have received apologies from the NSW Parliament, the NSW Police Force, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

43 People Share The Best Part Of Being LGBT+

From boobs to dicks and everything in between.

These Giant Portraits Show The Kids Behind The Same-Sex Parenting Debate

"I don’t think it’s about having a mother and a father, it’s about love."

17 Movies To Watch Out For At The 2016 Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival

Get in bed with Madonna, join the scrum, or wait two months for Beyoncé. There's something for everyone this year.

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