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Beast Mode

Running back Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch single-handedly willed the Seattle Seahawks to victory with this epic run. "Move bitch, get out the way!"

World's First Orange Alligator

Pandagators were so last year. Orange is the new panda.

Amazing Paper Layer Art

Cheong-ah Hwang has created several images out of layers of paper, to give off a 3D effect. She focuses on a number of subjects, like animals and fairy tales, but the best ones are the super geeky ones. (Via Bite Daily.)

Eminem Vs. The Village People

Great mashup, or greatest mashup?

20 Fish From Hell

These fish are straight out of your worst nightmare, resembling something you would find only at the gates of hell. Just remember these pictures the next time you go scuba diving. (Via)

Dramatic Kitten

Wait for it...

Star Wars Peep-Toe Pumps

They go with everything.

10 Mashups You Should Have Listened To In 2010

Here are 10 of the most popular mashups of 2010. You should probably listen to them. I guess.

The Man Who Never Cried

Ralph Winston has never cried; not when he was a baby, not even when his heart was crushed by his high school sweetheart. So when his father dies, Ralph decides to embark upon an emotional journey with hopes to shed his first tear before the funeral. It'll make you think, laugh and it might even make you cry.

Graphic Violence

FX wizards Corridor Digital bring a videogame to life on the walls of a building in this dazzling short.

The Evolution of Daft Punk Helmets

A fairly thorough infographic of all the Daft Punk helmets throughout history.

The 14 Creepiest Ted Bundy Quotes

He was such a sweet talker.

The United State Of Pop 2010

It's finally here!!!!

Russia's Kurt Cobain

Listening to this Russian street busker's eerily accurate rendition of Nirvana's "About a Girl" is like hearing the ghost of Kurt Cobain.

25 Creative Uses of Cosmetics

Some women put a little more effort into their make-up routine than others. The result? Cosmetic art.

"Whip My Hair" Skate Routine

Sassy 9-year-old Starr Andrews is being called a future Olympian figure skater.

75Beautiful Infrascapes

These landscapes have been photographed in infrared. Most of these aren't purely infrared though, many have had additional filters and/or photoshop applied to them.

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