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Deutsche Bank Says Scottish Independence Could Be The Worst Economic Decision Since The Great Depression

After two massive banks said they would leave Scotland if it voted for independence, economists from two other financial institutions said the economic consequences of independence could be calamitous.

Pro-Independence Scots Are Threatening To Boycott Pretty Much Every Company Going

With this level of boycotting it might might be hard to buy groceries, go to the bank or enjoy a tea cake.

This 19-Year-Old's Dad Unfriended Her On Facebook For Supporting Independence

"He said, 'If Scotland goes independent, I'm blaming you and I'm leaving this country and it's your fault.'"

Ed Miliband Dares To Walk The Streets Of Edinburgh, Unlike Cameron And Clegg

The Labour leader's walk through central Edinburgh was brief, but at least he bothered.

Meet The English People Voting For Scottish Independence

Many people think English residents of Scotland will automatically vote to remain part of the union. But that's always not the case.

Watch Labour MPs Get Chased Through Glasgow By A Rickshaw Playing "The Imperial March"

All in a day's work for one supporter of Scottish independence.

This Is What It Will Be Like If Scotland Votes For Independence

All of these things will definitely happen.

Scots Are Already Switching Their Bank Accounts From RBS

RBS warned that it will move its headquarters from Edinburgh to London in the event of a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum. Some customers aren't happy.

Cameron Begs Scotland: Please Don't Vote For Independence To Annoy "The Effing Tories"

The prime minister accepts his unpopularity in Scotland, but says he'll do almost anything to keep the country in the UK.

Cameron, Miliband, And Clegg Fly To Scotland In Last-Ditch Bid To Stop Independence

All three party leaders agreed to abandon Prime Minister's Questions to head north of the border.

A Quarter Of Scots Believe MI5 Spies Are Working To Block Scottish Independence

Trust in British institutions hits a new low, even if there's little evidence to support some of the claims.

David Cameron: It Would Break My Heart For Scotland To Leave The UK

The prime minister also declared "emphatically" that he would not resign if Scotland voted for independence.

These Scottish Nationalists Think There's A Conspiracy To Hide A Secret Oilfield

As the Scottish referendum campaign enters its final weeks, some quarters of the pro-independence camp believe a massive amount of oil has been discovered off Shetland and that the media are keeping it quiet. What's really happening?

9 Ways Yes Scotland Will Fight The Final Weeks Of The Scottish Independence Campaign

With just weeks to go until the referendum, Yes Scotland explains how it's going to fight the final weeks of the campaign.

23 Reasons Scots Are Voting Yes In The Independence Referendum

The #YesBecause hashtag is trending across the UK. Here's why people are backing Scottish independence.

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