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Get Real(old)!

Get Real(old)!

The Tea Party lost their savior today. And Trump, Judi won't be watching the Celebrity Apprentice season finale next Sunday because of this. Shame on you.

In my mind this was the most awesome party ever.

OK, sure, why not?


Music is officially dead.

Oh my.

From ABC News, bloody images and video from the room where U.S. forces shot and killed Osama bin Laden. A.K.A., "the kill site." Again, these are graphic, so the squeamish may want to move on.

Glenn Beck rants for 6 minutes about how horrible Glee is and how it's destroying America.

So much to dislike here.

What is this?!?!

A plumber from England named Barmy Baz Franks spent £1,000 and six hours in a dentist's chair getting Prince William and Kate Middleton's faces tattooed on his teeth.

Earlier this month, British documentarian Louis Theroux publicized the results of his second trip to the Westboro Baptist Church to see how the Phelps family and their fellow cult members have changed over the past few years. In four parts, this honest look inside the WBC is often frustrating and sometimes quite poignant. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't already.

Passive aggressive Christian note. What's the matter, Christianity? Don't like all the publicity for another bearded son of a god who walked among men? You jelly?

I like this one because it is about parenting and responsibility.

Here's a real thing that's a dead alien that they definitely found in Russia.

Don't think anyone's resume can top this one. This will surely catapult Eric into ... not sure what!

Does a Battlestar Galactica marathon out-rank finals? Depends on what kind of nerd you are.

The news anchors are outraged!!

Fuck you, Israeli paparazzi.

Some everyday items and things have become so widely used that their brand names have all but replaced their actual names. This is a list of those products and their popular brand names along with their actual, patented generic terms. Remember, not all bandages are band-aids and not all delicious frozen sugary treats are popsicles.

Looks like blow-up dolls have legitimate career options. When movie budgets don't allow for 800 extras in your group long shot scene, it's time to break out these unsung heroes.

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