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Which Of The Party Leaders Told The Truth During The TV Debate?

Seven political leaders went head to head on live television. But whose claims actually stand up to scrutiny, according to the independent fact-checkers at Full Fact?

10 Claims From The Leaders' TV Debates, Fact-Checked

David Cameron and Ed Miliband were quizzed on the same show. But do their claims add up?

Buzzfeed Title Fail!

Wait, I thought Dunn passed away?

Did Max Fischer Write The Life Aquatic?

This Tumblr argues that Max Fischer is actually the author of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Those Cinderella Royal Wedding Pictures Were Photoshopped

Dewy-eyed Royal Watchers would have us believe that William and Kate replicated their wedding in the image of Disney's Cinderella.

Fact: We Won The Cold War Because Of Boglins

More evidence that childhood in the '80s will never be paralleled: We had actual trolls.

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