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Disability Rights

Disability Rights

People Who Use Wheelchairs Are Being Forced To Crawl On To Trains And It’s 2017

Campaigners say Dave McQuirk’s story is the “tip of the iceberg” for disabled travellers after £50 million of government funding for rail improvements was deferred.

This Disabled Student Says She Almost Missed An Exam Because Of A Broken Lift

"Having to constantly fight for access to things really rams it home that we aren't equal," one student told BuzzFeed News.

This Is What It’s Like To Go To A Festival If You’re Blind Or Partially Sighted

Use the picture sliders to see how music festival moments would look with different eye conditions.

These Couples Say They Can’t Move In Together Because One Of Them Will Lose Their Disability Benefits

Couples who would lose disability benefits if they lived together told BuzzFeed News the situation makes them feel they “don’t deserve to have a normal life”.

This Is Why I Quit Exercise Therapy

When it comes to my illness, I've learned to listen to my symptoms, trust my body, and give it the one thing it really needs: rest.

These LGBT People Say They Feel Shut Out Of The Scene Because They Are Disabled

“I’d love to shag in your toilet, if only I could get in.”

This Is What It's Like To Live On A Remote Scottish Island When You're Disabled

"No one ever thinks that they may end up becoming disabled, but why should it stop me? I still have the same dreams and aspirations as anyone else.”

A Day In The Life Of A Student With 24-Hour Social Care

“They are not just my carers. In some ways they are my friend, my mum, they are everything wrapped in one.”

What I Wish People Knew About Disability And Feminism

So much of modern feminism relies on the ideal of female bodies that work as expected. For me and lots of other disabled people, that’s a model we simply don’t fit.

Meet The Woman Trying To Get Disabled Mannequins Into The Windows Of Britain's Biggest Shops

It's 2017 and disabled shoppers are still being "ostracised" from the high street thanks to a lack of access. Meet the woman who thinks it's time to change that for good.

People With Learning Disabilities Are Dying In Hospital Without The Right Care

According to Mencap, 1,200 people with learning disabilities are dying in hospital every year because they are not getting appropriate health care – and many more are suffering unnecessarily.

10 Things You Learn When You Go Backpacking In A Wheelchair

One drunken decision and a year and a half of planning later, I set off with my friend Steph for the trip of a lifetime.

15 People Told Us Their Stories Of Disability Discrimination At Work

In the UK, it's against the law to discriminate against an employee because of a disability, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

How "The Last Leg" Went From Joking About The Paralympics To Taking On The Government Over Disability Cuts

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Adam Hills told BuzzFeed News. “I’m like a disabled Spider-Man; I was bitten by a radioactive prosthesis.”

6 Inventions Making British People's Lives Better In 2017

From a pair of "glasses" that can help some legally blind people see to the latest in prosthetic knee technology that's now available on the NHS – here are some of the products helping make people's lives better.

This New MP Is Not Impressed That Parliament Isn't Set Up To Accommodate His Disability

Nobody expected Jared O'Mara to be in the House of Commons right now – least of all O'Mara himself. Now the Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam plans to use his new role to keep fighting to improve life for people with disabilities.

This Teenager Had To Use Crowdfunding And 8 Different Charities To Get The Wheelchair He Needed. Here’s Why.

A BuzzFeed News investigation also reveals that 96% of areas are failing to supply wheelchairs within the 18 weeks guaranteed by the NHS constitution.

Here’s How You React To Your Son’s Autism When Your Language Has No Word For Autism

At first, Nura Aabe avoided her son’s autism diagnosis. Now she uses her experience to change the lives of other families.

These People Lost Their Blue Badges But Their Parents Are Fighting To Get Them Back

"The government just moved the goalposts and didn’t bother to tell anybody."

Brits Are Two Times More Likely To Face Disability Discrimination Than People In Other European Countries

Analysis given exclusively to BuzzFeed News shows people in the UK were more likely to say they faced disability discrimination than those in other major European countries.

This Is What It's Like To Live With An "Invisible" Disability

"Never judge a book by its cover – not all disabilities are visible."

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