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Heath Ledger's Creepy Joker Diary Revealed

A German documentary reveals the diary that the actor used to create the Oscar-winning character of The Joker in The Dark Knight.

19 Great Moments In "Human Centipede" History

As news of the third Human Centipede film begins spreading, let's remember the magical journey that's brought us here.

Meanwhile, On The Subway

'Tis, still, a strange place. 10 photos.

33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh

BREAKING: Your teachers were funnier than you all along.

So There's A Lizard On Mars. No Big Deal.

A science blogger has been getting zoom-happy with the latest images from NASA's Curiosity Rover. And he thinks he's spotted a reptile.

31 Tattoo Artists Who Should Be Fired

It takes a certain talent to master portrait tattoos, and these artists do not have it.

David Bowie's Face is Hidden 7 Times In “Labyrinth”

You'll never see this movie the same way ever again. Mind = blown.

Does Lindsay Bluth-Fünke Look Different To You?

An interesting new development in the fourth season of Arrested.

The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent

Time to replace your kid and get a new one that isn't horrific.

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