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Meet The Queer Desi Immigrant Changing The Way We Buy Spices

"We are here to put money, equity, and power into the hands of Indian farmers, and to disrupt and decolonize an outdated spice trading industry."

Meet The Drag Queen Making Some Of New York's Best Hot Sauce

Shaquanda is bringing queer representation to grocery store shelves, one bottle of hot sauce at a time.

Liz Alpern Is Building Community, One Bowl Of Soup At A Time

“I have always loved what soup symbolizes. Everyone can throw something into the pot. You use your scraps, your odds and ends, and you come out with something much more robust than its parts.”

Marcela Valladolid Is Tired Of People Telling Her To “Stick To Cooking”

“When I started being told to go back home, that’s when I lost my shit and stopped caring if I lost business, followers, or even a limb. I needed to use my voice and platform.”

Vallery Lomas Is Writing Her Own Recipe For Success

She won one of the country's biggest baking shows, but sexual misconduct allegations against one of the judges pulled it from the air. Now she's fighting to earn the reputation she deserves.

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