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Carer's Week

Carer's Week

Carers Suspended For Torturing Dolls Dementia Patients Consider Real Babies

"People like this should not be working in the care industry," a spokesperson for Ashbourne House nursing home said.

Here's What Happens When People Try To Expose Abuse In The Care System

Whistleblowers explain how they were marginalised and silenced.

Here's What It's Like To Be A Young Carer For Family Members

Two young people talk about how being carers for family members has changed their lives.

18 Professional Carers Talk Honestly About The Reality Of Their Jobs

For professional care workers the pressure can be extreme, and there is as much joy as frustration to be found in their work.

"Disrepair" And "Overpowering Smell Of Urine" At Care Home Owned By Millionaire Tory Donor's Firm

Care inspectors have found two care homes run by the family firm of Lord Popat were "unsafe".

17 Testimonies From Carers Looking After Family Members

For family members who are also carers, there's a wealth of demands – and a lot of rewards.

Care Company "Told Worker To Leave A 92-Year-Old Woman On The Floor" After She Fell

The BBC alleges that 1st Grade Care in Barry, Wales, ordered a care worker to leave the woman on the floor before an ambulance had arrived.

Here’s What It’s Like When Your Boyfriend Suddenly Becomes Your Carer

Alex Taylor-Beal and Stephanie Crack’s lives were changed forever as students when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Welcome To The Carers' Issue

Stories from people who are caring, and being cared for.

8 Uplifting Tales Of Coping With Dementia

Life doesn’t end when illness begins.

22 Secrets People Caring For Loved Ones Will Never Tell You

Life as you know it completely changes.

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