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Body Week

Body Week

Here's How To Shutdown Your Body Insecurities

Sometimes you just have to shut your insecurity up.

31 Things You Only Understand When You Put On Weight

Judgement, judgement everywhere.

My Weight-Loss Surgery Didn't Fix My Disordered Eating

Two years ago, I had bariatric surgery. I still can't stop bingeing.

9 Stories Of Women's Complicated Relationships With Their Bodies

Being body positive doesn't always extend to yourself.

12 Celebs With Super Awesome Body Quirks


"Gotham's" Anthony Carrigan Talks Acting, Alopecia, And Learning To Love His Look

The alopecian actor stopped by BuzzFeed to share his thoughts on body positivity.

I Know I'm Thin. Why Can't I Say It?

I’m preoccupied with staying thin. I’ll do anything to avoid saying I’m thin.

9 Stories About How It Feels Not To Trust Your Own Body

And how you can learn to love yourself anyway.

I'm Mending My Broken Relationship With Food

After a lifetime struggling with disordered eating, I’m still figuring out how to have a healthy relationship with my body and what I feed it.

What Women Wish They Could Say To Their Mothers About Body Image

"I wish she'd loved herself and all her flaws the way I love her.”

How Demi Lovato Learned To Love Her Body

The multi-talented star talks to BuzzFeed about health, happiness, and the advice she wishes she could give her teenage self.

17 Times Fitspiration Was Wrong, So We Fixed It

Fitspo, fixed. Inspired by this post and this Tumblr.

What I've Learned About How To Be A Girl

Being a capital-G Girl is something that works for other people, and does not work for me. But it took me a while to get there.

How Running Helped Me Explain My Transition To Myself

I've been transitioning for the last year or so. I began running because I didn't know how else to quiet my mind.

The Different Pressures People Feel Regarding Body Image

"To make it look like we don't struggle."

How To Fix Your Body's Trouble Areas

Is your butt in trouble? It's time to take action.

17 Stories Of Eating-Disorder Survival

"The quality of the life that I live is more important than how I look in the mirror."

The Most Common Eating Disorder Is One You've Probably Never Heard Of

Some consider OSFED a less serious version of "real" eating disorders, but it can be just as deadly to those who suffer from it.

My Boyfriend Loves Fat Women

As a fat woman myself, I'm still struggling with how I feel about it.

ModCloth Employees Modeled Its Swimwear Collection To Promote Body Diversity

"We want women to see these photos and feel good."

This Woman Lived With A Sickness She Couldn't Talk About

“I prayed to God, please make me better.”

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