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Goodnight, sweet Juicero machine.

Statements and policy changes on pipelines, monuments, and native history struck a nerve.

Some are savage, some are kinda sweet, all of them are funny.

Here's what our readers loved most this year.

At least we still have (fictional) love, right? Right.

Edinburgh Zoo has a daily penguin parade!

So much drama.

So cheap. So life-changing.

From verse about Columbus Day to trying to masturbate on election night — these poems have range.

Police Twitter is really, really weird.

Did your favorite new spot make the list?

Target and memes. What more could you want?

Haters gonna hate.

Are you actually good with money? Let's find out.

Matthew Perpetua • 7 hours ago

Get your memes here! Your piping hot memes 'ere!

Slightly more accurate than a Magic 8 ball.

Get out me year!

Do you have a round mirror hanging in your home right now? How about a fiddle leaf?

Make me float, daddy.

"Last night my friend got drunk and hit the splits to Rake it Up...Today she ended up at the ER on crutches."

Here's what we're mos def taking into 2018!

Don't worry, though – you still have time to catch up.

From terror attacks to mass protests, these are the UK images that stayed with us from the year.


Let the stars be your guide for 2018.

We'll prolly have to update this list in like 5 minutes TBH.

They're good tweets, Brent.

Here's a sample platter of the best and most popular BuzzFeed food quizzes from 2017.

Matthew Perpetua • 3 hours ago

Protect these teens at all costs.

A look back at the year that was.

This year the Environmental Protection Agency took a novel approach to dealing with bad press: openly fighting with reporters and hiring political operatives to monitor the news.

Did you end this year with a bang?

New year, new brows!

Our favorite memoirs, criticism, and narrative nonfiction, presented in no particular order.

In an industry that has long struggled with gender equality, it's not yet clear whether it's just getting rid of a few bad apples or if the industry is truly ready for change.

$100 billion makes you very, um, swole apparently.

The only good people on the internet, IMO.

"I was arguing with my husband and my son screamed "yay! TWO christmases!" from the other room."

So sick of this shit.

Better luck next year, kids.

We're all still alive. Just.

Watch out 2018... she's coming for you next!


Hollywood? Pfft, make room for AUSSIEWOOD.

"Love when my parents criticize an aspect of my personality that is 100 percent their fault."

Warning: spoilers ahead.

WeWork grew to an insane size this year, and it bought a ton of stuff.

From victims breaking their silence to cover-ups exposed, here are some of the most memorable, moving, and infuriating stories published by BuzzFeed News in 2017.

Practice really does make perfect tho!

So much wisdom in so few characters.

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