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The 35 Most Heartbreaking Food Fails Of 2013

This was the year that we all truly nailed it.

America's Most Popular Bars In 2013

According to data collected by Foursquare, these are the most popular bars in all 50 states.

The 27 Cheesiest Photos Of 2013

WARNING: The amount of cheese in these photos may be overwhelming to some. Please view with caution.

20 Recipes That Won Pinterest In 2013

These were the things we all aspired to eat in 2013, according to Pinterest.

21 Completely Flawless Donuts

They woke up like this.

The 33 Cutest Cakes Of 2013

If you ever doubt that the world is a beautiful place, just remember: We'll always have sugar, butter, and flour.

30 Most Earth-Shattering Foods Born In 2013

In a post-cronut world, no dream is out of reach.

The 15 Best Things That Happened On Food Twitter In 2013

It was the best of times, it was the #brand of times.

23 Most YOLO Pastas Of 2013

Pasta is always perfect. But sometimes it's fun to shake things up a little bit.

22 Instagram Accounts Food Lovers Should Follow In 2014

These aren't just your everyday photos of someone's dinner.

27 Most Epic Food Stacks Of 2013

AKA staXXX. Prepare to die of drooling.

9 Horrible Restaurant Trends That Need To Die In 2014

I'd rather not eat my dinner out of a toilet-bowl, thank you. Also, fries are supposed to be bad for you; can't we just leave them alone?

The 25 Most Important Things That Happened In 2013 For Food Lovers

Cue Paula Deen crying while eating a Cronut™ and the CEO of Taco Bell throwing darts at a copy of Salt, Sugar, Fat.

13 Foods That Rose To Power In 2013

Well, kids, once upon a time there was a pastry, and that pastry's name was Cronut.

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