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The 20 Best Winning Photos from the International Photography Awards 2011

The International Photography Awards are sponsored by the Lucie Foundation, whose mission is to discover innovative photography, honor great photographers, and promote photography in general. This year, they received 8,000 submissions. A whopping 70 jurors judged these submissions. Let's take a gander at the 20 best award-winning photos. (more at America's Best Blogger.)

21 Amazing Light Painting Photos That Were Made Without Photoshop

Photographer Wes Whaley has created an amazing series of light painting photographs using no photoshop. They're beautiful and all kinds of awesome. Check out his Flickr for more.

I Dare You To Get This Haircut

Folks, there is some hair craziness going on in Portugal—it's like My Little Pony meets Jem and the Holograms meets Edward Scissor Hands!

Beautiful Drawings Made With Human Hair

Each line in these drawings by Melanie Bilenker are made using strands of the artist's own hair! The delicate drawings depict quiet scenes of domestic life which are sealed in Victorian-inspired brooches and rings. And you thought all hair art had to leave you wishing for an UnSee Button.

Amazing Cut Out Harry Potter Art

I am totally in love with Brittney Lee's cut out creations, and in particular these Harry Potter pieces. They are skillfully cut, and I adore her aesthetics.

Pokemon Studies

Christine Vu makes Pokemon a bit more academic. (via The Uniblog)

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