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Amazon Fires

Corned Beef And Handbags: How US Consumers Are Unwittingly Contributing To Deforestation In The Amazon

“The consumers are part of the problem because of course if the consumer decides not to consume any of this, there would be no supply.”

This Is What It’s Like To Be Blamed For Starting The Amazon Fires

NGO workers in the Amazon spend their days telling farmers that they don't have to destroy the rainforest to make money, but these employees still got caught in Bolsonaro’s crosshairs.

These Scientists Know How Bad The Amazon Fires Could Get. They Saw It Burn 20 Years Ago

“I’ve just tried to tell them the story — it’s a bad year,” one expert said. “This is what happens when deforestation gets out of hand.”

This Indigenous Tribe In The Amazon Survived Forced Labor And Epidemics. Now Their Land Is On Fire.

BuzzFeed News Brazil traveled to the state of Amazonas, where members of the Tenharim community are attempting to put out a fire that's been burning for six days.

Brazil Has Rejected The G7's $22M Aid Package To Fight The Amazon Fires

The money was promised by world leaders at the G7 summit in France. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s chief of staff said that France couldn’t even prevent a fire in Notre Dame Cathedral.

Brazil's President Is Sending The Military To Fight The Amazon Fires As Protests Grow Worldwide

Since his election, Jair Bolsonaro has worked to loosen environmental laws and open up vast swaths of the Amazon to industry. Now large stretches of the rainforest are on fire.

Brazil's Government Is Wrong About The Fires In The Amazon, And This Data Proves It

2019 isn't a year of extreme drought like Bolsonaro's government has claimed. If that were the case, the number of forest fires we're seeing would be doubled.

We’re Living Through A Climate Emergency Right Now — We Just Aren’t Paying Attention

Greenland’s ice is melting, record-setting fires are blazing from the Arctic to the Amazon, and July was the world’s hottest month ever.

13 Photos Explain What's Going On In The Amazon And What You Can Do

The Amazon is on fire, but there are still ways to help.

Smoke From The Burning Amazon Rainforest Plunged Brazil's Largest City Into Darkness In The Middle Of The Day

A record number of wildfires have torched the Amazon rainforest this year as deforestation soars under Brazil’s far-right president.

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