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Things That Happened On Every School Trip

"Misssssssssssss, Gary's barfed on the coach again."

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4. The political power play of who to sit next to was no laughing matter. / Via

Do you sit next to your best mate Fran because of loyalty, Ella because she brought her new iPod and she's definitely got the latest Jason Derulo album, or Will because you want to jump his bones?

This is going to need careful consideration...

6. There was always a pair devouring each other's faces, as if their survival depended on it.

evgenyatamanenko / Via

And on some occasions, there was also a strategically placed jacket over their laps and OMG just NOPE.

8. Someone would always, always, always spew their guts on the coach. / Via

And they never, ever, ever managed to direct their vom into the allocated plastic bags.

Two hours stuck on a coach stinking of sick? Delightful. Thanks, Gary.

10. No one ever gave a damn about the gallery/museum/historical site you were visiting.

Disney–ABC Domestic Television / Via

And you were all screwed when you found out you'd have a test on what you had "learnt" that day.

"You wut, Miss?!"

12. Someone's parents always gave them money to buy lunch, automatically making them the coolest. / Via

Your stupid tuna sandwiches and tangerine were some kinda bullshit.

All you wanted to do was throw your stupid tuna sandwiches in their stupid, smug face, but at the same time be their best friend, because you wanted a bloody Maccie D's chip.

Prepare yourselves, it's the school trip to end all school trips, as the Bad Education gang are headed...TO CORNWALL!

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