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Who Is The Best Dancer In The NFL?

Dancing has now become a big part in every celebration in the NFL. You see both, defense and offense, doing it, but who is the one with the best moves?

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If you follow sports today, you know that dancing has become more relevant during sporting events. I remember growing up watching football with my dad, and if we ever saw a player dancing it was for a good reason. Now days, players are doing dance routines after sacking the quarterback, rushing for a touchdown, and even for reasons such as making a field goal. Football games are now evolving into dance recitals with casual tackling every now and then.


Everyone says how dancers are athletic, but are athletes dancers? Cam Newton is showing fans that celebrating after scoring a touchdown doesn't have to be a long, choreographed dance, but can be tearing open your shirt to resemble superman, or just a casual dab.


There is one common goal for every top NFL player and that is to score a touchdown. Any NFL fan knows this is where the best dance moves are shown to the world, and there is no other person in the NFL to get that amount of opportunities other than Antonio Brown. The guy has magnets for hands. The ball just falls in his hands by accident sometimes. According to BleacherReport, Antonio last stated "Nothing to a boss" after getting fined by the NFL for his "excessive taunting" or whatever garbage they call it. He's GOT to be the king of dancing in the NFL so lay off, and let the man celebrate a little bit.

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