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20 Times Life Was Too Much For You

Sometimes life is so good that you literally. can't. even. The next time life gives you all the feels, slow things down with a Bacon Clubhouse from McDonald's.

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1. When your dog successfully did a trick for the very first time. / Via

Such pride.

2. When that relative who you thought was still six years old posted pictures from a high school dance.


3. When a security deposit check landed back in your hands.

4. The day you paid off your student loans.

5. The day a celebrity favorited one of your tweets.

Is this real life?!

6. When the sunset literally interrupted your everything.

7. The moment you moved and cut your commute time in half.

Al Howard Productions / Via

8. When you held your friend's baby for the very first time.

9. The day you met the grown-up version of a kid you watched on TV when you were younger.

ESPN / Via

"OMG you are the guy who dated Topanga when Cory and Topanga were broken up!"

10. When you ate your first dinner in your very own home. / Via

*Faints with pride*

11. When you were asked to be in your best friend’s wedding. / Via

Too many feels...!!!

12. The day after you graduated, and you realized you could do ANYTHING. YOU. WANTED.

13. When you got the haircut OF YOUR LIFE.


"A whole new me!"

14. When you got the entire row of the plane to yourself.


Stared out that window and reflected on THE BEAUTY OF LIFE.

15. When you saw your parent or grandparent graduate, retire, or simply WIN.

16. When you found out your favorite band was releasing a new album (after, like, five years).

Shaytards / Via

17. When you came home, and your mom surprised you with your most favorite food ever.

18. When you received the offer letter for the dreamiest dream job ever.

Set India / Via

19. The second you found out your crush crushed you back.

WWE Live / Via

Life is beautiful.

20. And the moment you looked in the mirror and realized you loved ALL of what you saw. ALL of it.