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20 People At The Top Of Their Game

Let their supremacy inspire you. And while you're at it, choose a new Bacon Clubhouse from McDonald's.

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1. People at the top of their game are innovative.

2. They're precise.

3. They go the distance.

4. No matter the art, the best do things differently.

5. It's all about style...

6. ...grace...

7. ...and making things look easy.

8. People in their element are more productive.

9. They're quicker to react.

10. They revolutionize form...

11. ...and redefine function.

12. They defy expectations...

13. ...speed through challenges...

14. ...and they don't sweat the small stuff.

15. It takes practice to get to the very top.

16. It takes patience too.

17. Some people need the help of others to get there.

18. Others handle most everything on their own.

19. We applaud those of you who are oh so poised at the top.

20. And we mean tippy-top.