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8 Signs College Football Is Back In America

That time of the year has arrived where Beer/Doritos/Irregular Heart-Beats happen all in one day/night.

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2. This Stone Cold Steve Austin & Lee Corso ESPN College Gameday beer-moment brings out your inner 'MERICA. Perhaps more than it should.

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Because of course, if you watch College Ball without beer, you are watching College Ball without a beer. And you don't do that in America. (Ignore my comment if you're under age 21, plz, thx).

7. Can't leave out the social media peeps complaining about the most awesomest, unpredictable, most exciting, lit of the lit'est college sport in America.

Oh god. Who cares about college football??

He probably hates bacon for breakfast, too.

He probably hates cats, too...

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