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    25 Animated GIFs That Are Actually Just The Same JPEG Of Carrot Top

    If you don't believe Carrot Top is a genius, then you probably won't have your mind changed by this list of 25 of the same exact image!

    1. Are you sure you want to read this list? It's just going to the following picture of Carrot Top.


    3. You didn't believe me, did you?

    4. Look at that hair!


    6. Looks like we're 1/5 of the way through.


    8. This is what happens when you give a man too much power!

    9. Why am I doing this? What is my life?

    10. Some days I feel like the hours just go on and on and on...

    11. ... and on and on and on.

    12. Then I look at this photograph and everything changes.

    13. Everything is Carrot Top and nothing hurts.

    14. My mind numbs as I visit the prop box in my head.




    18. Sorry, I was lost in thought.

    19. Don't worry, it's almost over.

    20. But do we really want this to end?

    21. Will life ever be the same again?

    22. Will food still taste the same after all the JPEGs have been viewed?

    23. I'm beginning to cry. I can see the light at the end of the BuzzFeed tunnel.

    24. Goodbye my red-headed comedy prince...

    25. Until we meet again!

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