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25 Things You'll Only Understand If You Worked At A Bar

Working at a bar isn't a job — it's a rite of passage.

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1. Being nice to everyone...even to the pests.

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Smile. Breathe. Smile. Only nine hours to go until we can close.

2. People still having no clue what to order by the time you ask them what they'd like.


They've been waiting behind others for 10 minutes now. Come on.

3. Your legs being dead at the end of every shift.

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You will never take sitting down for granted ever again.

4. Customers who think they've cracked an amazing secret code for more alcohol when they ask for "no ice."


Having less ice doesn't mean more alcohol in your drink, buddy. But whatever you want to believe, sure.

5. Waking up with bruises and not knowing where they're from.

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"Did I knock into a table? Or was it the bar?" are among the questions that will forever go unanswered.

6. Ignoring the guy who pushed in front of everyone on purpose.


We see you. But you were rude.

7. Your mates visiting you and wanting mates' rates.

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8. Creeps Asking for Your Number.



9. Perfecting your 15-minute break routine so you can sprint to the bar next door to get a full meal in – and some drinks.

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You will be surprised at how much you can fit into 15 minutes while working at a bar.

10. Being made to wear a promotional shirt.

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Some are OK. Most are terrible. Just thanking sweet Jebus that they're black, not white.

11. Dealing with the bathrooms.

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The less said the better here.

12. Citrus finding the smallest tiniest cut you might have.


Cutting fruit? Be sure that fruit will somehow hurt you. FU little lime wedges.

13. Hating the bar when it's too quiet.

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There are only so many times you can pretend to wash the countertop to kill time.

14. Hating the bar when it's too busy.

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Please all of you go home now. Please.

15. Hating sunlight because you can't sleep.

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When you need darkness to sleep you end up turning on your best friend (the sun) really quick.

16. Hating holiday occasions you once loved.

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While everyone else sees an epic party, all you can see is the mess you'll be cleaning up later. "Happy" New Year.

17. Saying goodbye to weekends.

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"Up to much this weekend?" *Internal cry for help*

18. Hearing the same five songs over and over and over.

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If a DJ comes in they're guaranteed to play the same five songs the last DJ did.

19. The look someone gives you after telling them their tab's run out.

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Don't look at us. Talk to your boss over there with the long receipt asking who ordered the really expensive French bottle of wine.

20. People who ask for a drink they once had but have since forgotten the name of.

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We can totally guess the drink you once had based off your vague description.

21. Helping people charge their phones and then them expecting you to babysit it.

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If we could we would sit there with your phone charging. But we have a bar to run.

22. Getting nicknamed random stuff and having to nod politely.

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Guess "Boss" is OK.

23. When a customer points to the menu and asks, "Is this drink any good?"

ThinkStock's a terrible drink. We put it on the menu just to catch you out. Not.

24. Wanting to close up but a new group has just walked in.

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No rest for the wicked.

25. Having to do the dreaded "clopen."

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See you back here in a couple of hours to do it all over again.

To all the former and current bar staff out there – a big thank-you and cheers from Bacardi.

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