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11 Things You Should Do Before You're 30

Even if you only do one...

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1. Get a passport stamp from every country in Europe.

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Remember to visit Gaz in London who you met while he was backpacking in Aus. He'll know where to get a good street kebab at 3am after a night out too.

2. In fact, travel full stop.


If you're going to hang with your mates in a bar each weekend, might as well make it a bar overseas.

3. Learn a new language to swear in.

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You're keen to learn a few new words to help with travels or to impress the locals. But secretly you just want to start swearing in a funny new accent.

4. Spend a night in Las Vegas and bet it all on black.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. They also say the house always wins. We don't know what to believe. All we know is you just have to go to Vegas.

5. Cut some shapes with your mates and 50,000 strangers at a major music festival.

Artem Popov (CC BY http://2.0) / Incase (CC BY http://2.0) / Dalton Reed (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 7259240@N03 / Flickr: goincase / Flickr: dalton_mcdavid_reed

This is where you'll become mates with a guy called Phil, who let you cut in front of him at the toilet line.

6. Treat yourself to something really expensive you've always wanted.

Treat yo' self because yes you do need that 50-piece drum kit or 50-inch-screen TV.
Brandon Nguyen (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: btnphoto

Treat yo' self because yes you do need that 50-piece drum kit or 50-inch-screen TV.

7. Free yourself from social media for a couple of weeks by sailing the seven seas.


Just go be a pirate. But not an actual real one. Because that's dangerous and the pay isn't good these days.

8. Move cities and leave behind the terrible nickname your mates have given you.


Hopefully your new mates in your new city give you a better name this time. So make that move and leave the bumfluff behind.

9. Freshen up your look with a tailored suit that has some fancy pockets you'll never use.


"This pocket is for your keys, and these 600 other pockets are still stitched closed."

10. Shout your mates to an epic night out.

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You guys will fight for at least 20 minutes about who is picking up the cheque, but stand your ground.

11. Take up that one thing you keep telling everyone you're keen to do.

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"That looks easy, I could do that." Yeah, OK, sure. Stop talking about it and give it a go already then.

It's all about following passions really. Just like Bacardi did.

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