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13 Modern Horrors That Would Make A Haunted House Actually Terrifying

Chainsaws and clowns are kinda scary, but three missed calls from the department of student loans? Yikes.

We've all been to a haunted house. Girl with wet hair screams at you; butcher with a chainsaw chases you through the exit. Meh.

What we don't realize is that every day we journey through the proverbial haunted house of life.

Ghosting after a first date or the looming dread of student debt — it's real life, and it's a bloody nightmare.

Enter if you dare, but don't say we didn't warn you...

1. Running into your ex at a bar.

2. Losing your friends at a concert.

3. Running out of storage at the most inopportune time.

4. Forgetting the names of people you've met.

5. Your phone being near death and not a charger in sight.

6. Checking your balance after a night out.

7. Accidentally hitting reply all.

8. Your newsfeed right now.

9. Realizing the bar is cash only.

10. The department of student loans calling more than your friends do.

11. Literally any kind of small talk.

12. Waiting for someone to respond to a text.

13. Anytime you have to split the tab.

This Halloween, free yourself from the horrors of everyday life and treat yourself to a BACARDI Bat Magic cocktail — after all, you deserve it.