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9 Drinking Faux Pas You Should Be Aware Of

We're all ladies and gentlemen here, no? Then the next time you're out with friends, make sure to avoid all of these no-no's, and be sure to keep it classy with Bacardi.

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2. Disregarding wine temperatures.

Hey, it's a rule for a reason! Chardonnay and full-bodied white wines should be around 55 degrees (known as "cellar temperature"). Champagnes and sparkling wines should be very chilled, as should Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. Red wine should be 65 degrees, which is considered room temperature.

4. Putting the ice in last.

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"Building" a drink is a careful art form. Put the ice in first to avoid splashing your drink everywhere—and worst of all, getting liquor in your eye.

5. Showing up empty-handed to a party.

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It's considered rude to show up to an intimate party without any gifts—especially a party where only drinks are being served. Also, never whine about the bar spread if you haven't contributed!

7. Not muddling or over-muddling.

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Want the perfect mojito? Mix, sugar, Bacardi, seltzer and muddled mint. Without muddling, herbs don't release their flavor. Too much muddling and the drink will be bitter. Here's the right way to muddle.

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