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26 Can’t-Miss Social Media Moments If You’re Going Out This Halloween

Characters and costumes change with the times, but the clichés stay the same. Drink in the beauty of the night, and don't miss your chance to document some of these glorious Halloween moments.

1. There's going to be two people at the party with the same costume.

2. Someone is bound to serve drinks out of a pumpkin. (But why?)

3. Your squad will inevitably lose it when your favorite song comes on.

4. Someone is going to try to offend everyone with their costume.

5. Someone is going to dress up as their favorite Snapchat filter or emoji.

6. You'll probably see a punch cauldron that is boiling with dry ice.

7. Some dude will think strobes and black lights make their party "spooky."

8. There is definitely going to be a couple in identical costumes.

9. And there is definitely going to be a couple with really clever matching costumes.

10. You'll eventually see a pair of costumed people making out that's just wrong.

11. If you're lucky, there will be a dog-and-owner duo that is a beautiful nightmare.

12. There's going to be someone who threw their costume together last minute.

13. There's going to be someone who has been working on their costume for 364 days.

14. Someone will have a costume that nobody gets.

15. And someone will have put way too much thought into the idea of their costume but not the execution.

16. You'll see historic characters texting on the couch that'll make you laugh.

17. And you'll see fictional characters grinding on the dance floor that will make you cringe.

18. Someone will wear a costume fit for April in the cold of October.

19. Bars will look like the apocalypse, with zombie arms outstretched for drinks.

20. The dance floor will look like a twisted fairy tale with beautiful costumed creatures everywhere.

21. Somebody will be super committed to their costume and never break character.

22. And one group is bound to have choreographed a routine for that one song.

23. Eventually you'll see people giving up on hard-to-keep-on costume pieces.

24. And someone will be walking around with their heels in hand.

25. Someone is going to try to be political with their costume.

26. And you can guarantee there will be multiple Barbs at the party.

Whatever you might see this Halloween, treat yourself to a BACARDI Bat Magic. You deserve it.