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18 (and Counting) Ways You Know You Went To A Forces Boarding School

Boarding school is an experience that only those who went can understand. But a forces boarding school leaves its alumni with a unique legacy.

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When the strange nicknames and slang you used at school still occasionally pop out years later. Pass the flop would you?


If you found yourself commando crawling through the grass holding a gun you wouldn't think anything of it


When you can still polish your shoes so you can see your reflection without breaking a sweat. You know, if you wanted to


When you were constantly cold at school but as a result you can now withstand the coolest of days without a coat


When you regale friends with the story of that time you flew a plane and did a loop-the-lop aged 16 and no-one believes you


When walking down the street you're occasionally tempted to 'leeft turn' when approaching corners


When you find you're the only one singing loudly along with hymns when in a church


When giving friends and loved ones verbal abuse is really showing them love


When you feel oddly connected to people you went to school with, even if you haven't seen them since you left (and can't remember their names)


When you have a terrible attitude to drinking which has often landed you in hot water over the years


When, no matter your age, you feel that any improvements to facilities and standards of living that happened at your school since you left are in fact ruining it and the new generation of kids 'don't know how easy they have it'


If you never let hard butter straight from the fridge stop you enjoying your toast


If your health immediately went to shit after leaving as you were used to eating a fry up every morning but now there's no-one forcing you to exercise every day to balance it out


When you're inexplicably drawn to buildings with clocktowers


Because even if you don't want to send your kids to boarding school, you feel a bit sad they'll never get the same opportunities and unique educational experience you had


16. You usually find you're the only one in the restaurant cheering when a waiter/ess drops a plate (only applies if you don't live in an army/navy town)


17. Walking in time when you hear a marching band and never standing at ease during the national anthem - from Ruth


18. When you still make the bed with any of the folllowing: hospital corners, envelope corners, hospital ends etc. - from Richard, Maggie, and several others

(The author discounts herself from this one as it was too hard to do hospital corners on a bunk bed. I'm not sure just shoving the sheet ends under the matress counts)

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