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    • babysophia101112

      Im 23 years old ive fought depression and anxiety since i was a young child. It is a very hard challenge to over come. Ive been on so many depression medications and they tell me it helps with anxiety which is bs. Ive been to many drs for help and they all wanted me to go threw therapy. I also have ptsd. Mental illnesses are the worst thing in life you can face. Getting the right help you need is also hard. I suffered postpartum depression after i had my daughter almost 2 years ago and it lasted for 6 months. Ive had alot of problems and drs would tell me im to young for the problems i have and etc. But in reality whos to young for problems? No one. We all have some thing or someone in our lives thats put a bad/ horrible tragic event in our lifes thats made us have these issues we go our whole lifes blaming our selfs when its not our faults but the guilt just eats us alive and people go into committing suicide or harming them selfs or someone else. Just know there is help out there. I finally after 15 years almost 16 years of facing the depressions and anxiety i got help from a dr. I am still going to have to go threw therapy but i thank god every day for giving me the help i needed and the chance to make myself better and learn how to face the bad tragics ive faced my whole life. Ive been threw so much as a child from sexual abuse to mental abuse to being stalked and so much more that it made me so weak and shameful that i didnt know how to cope with anything i have a hard time opening up and talking about because my anxiety kicks in and i become nervous scared cry and just ashamed because i feel like people will make fun of me or just say hurtful things to me. Ive really made it such a big part of my life and had a hard time excepting what happend and move on but you never do no matter how hard you try moving on will never happen but finding a way to cope with it and use your tragic experiences to help someone else out is always great but killing your self should never be a option do what you can it dont matter if u have to see 500 drs someone will give you the help you need and i promise you its worth it to get help.

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