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  • Leah Dizon

    The March 2007 issue of Nikkei Entertainment! playfully warns that “Black Ships” - a reference to American Commodore Matthew Perry’s 1853 opening of Japan - have arrived in the Japanese gravure (gurabia) bikini model world. Out of nowhere, a foreign model has stepped foot on sacred soil to displace the pre-existing domestic army of half-naked gals to win the hearts of hard-working Japanese men. In just the last few months, Leah Dizon has gone from the fringes of the industry to the becoming a ubiquitous face on the subway ads for weekly magazines. Dizon - half-Caucasian/half-Filipino-Chinese - had been working as a relatively-unknown and slightly-naughty model back in the West Coast car circuit before somewhat miraculously being picked up by the Japanese talent complex and thrust into stardom. She is neither Japanese by blood nor speaks the local language, and her success proves that such properties were never actually necessary to fit into the plastic fantastic world of selling visual fantasy to the male of the species. She’s a Weekly Playboy regular now, and Japan’s nerds started salivating once they realized she looks quite similar to Maetel from Galaxy Express 999.

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