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    17 Awesome, Nerdy Examples Of Taxonomy Humor

    If you're going to be responsible for determining scientific classification, you may as well have fun with it. Here are some of the strangest and most amusing binomial names (Genus species) in all of taxonomy.

    1. Ninjemys oweni

    2. Ytu brutus

    3. Vini vidivici

    4. La cerveza

    5. Gelae baen

    6. Oedipina complex

    7. Ba humbugi

    8. Apopyllus now

    9. Agra vation

    10. Ittibittium

    11. Pieza kake

    12. Reissa roni

    13. Heerz lukenatcha

    14. Han solo

    15. Kamera lens

    16. Phthiria relativitae

    17. Gollumjapyx smeagol