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    The Best Of "WTF QR Codes"

    "WTF QR Codes" is a single-serving tumblr dedicated to oddly-placed QR codes. I know you see them everywhere these days, but c'mon, you guys. These are just weird.

    1. On a...dress

    2. Out of reach

    3. On a lost dog poster

    4. Above a urinal

    5. On an entire side of a building

    6. On a car

    7. As a censorship bar

    8. On Karl Marx's tomb

    9. On this guy

    10. On a banana

    11. An online QR clock


    Which you can visit here.

    12. On a cat

    13. Shaved into the hairline

    14. For airplane pilots

    15. On a truck

    Scan with care, you guys. You're obviously driving.

    16. Held by people in food suits

    17. On a cupcake

    18. In the air

    19. On a protest sign

    20. Bill Cosby's Twitter


    It's his face, apparently.