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    The 80s Versus The 90s

    Ok, let's settle this once and for all: which decade is better? This is for all the marbles, so if you have your own evidence, be sure to add it in the comments.

    Which decade had better jeans? / Via

    Or the 90s? (Extreme flares not depicted for everyone's sanity.)

    In which decade was Madonna cooler? / Via

    Or the 90s?

    Which decade had better video games? / Via

    The 80s?

    Which decade's mix tapes were more fun? / Via

    The 80s? / Via

    Or the 90s?

    In which decade was U2's Bono better?

    Which decade had better cartoons?

    In which decade was Will Smith cooler?

    Which decade's cell phones were flashier? / Via

    The 80s?

    Which decade had better presidents?

    Which decade had better toys?

    Or the 90s?

    In which decade was Drew Barrymore cuter?

    Which decade had better boy bands?


    The 80s?

    In which decade was Tina Turner better? / Via

    Or the 90s? (FYI, Tina Turner was born in 1939, so she may win all the decades.)

    Which decade had a better Spider-Man show? / Via

    The 80s? / Via

    Or the 90s? (P.S. - This is not a Spider-Man thread.)

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