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    Pikas Will Bring You Flowers

    Having a bad day? Meet the most generous, most understanding animal in the world: the pika.

    Meet the Pika:


    Despite their mousy appearance, pikas are adorable little lagomorphs in the Ochotonidae family, which means they're actually related to rabbits and hares. They're a common enough sight in the western United States, where they hang out in rocky areas and basically do pika-ish things all day. Maybe you've heard of these guys before, but unless you're a pika expert, you probably don't know this one thing about pikas: Pikas HATE it when you're sad. Pikas will do anything to make you feel better. Here is the irrefutable proof.

    Did you take a wrong turn this morning?

    Cheer up! Pikas will bring you flowers.

    Did the cat get into the toilet paper again?

    You've had a hard day. Let this pika bring you some flowers.

    Can't afford some necessary house repairs?

    SURPRISE! This pika brought you some flowers.

    Could you really, really use a baby sitter?

    Pikas will watch the kid while you go out tonight. Oh, and here are some lovely flowers.

    Will no amount of product tame your hair?

    This pika's got flowers AND a degree in hairstyling.

    Did you blank on today's math test?

    Well, he brought a blade of grass, but his heart is in the right place.

    So you made a pizza to console yourself, but then this happened.

    Don't cry over spoiled pizza! Pikas will bring you flowers.

    Did you really mess things up with your significant other?

    Don't despair! Pikas will bring you flowers.

    Does Starbucks NEVER get your name right?

    Pika will brew you a better cuppa, and hell, he also brought you some flowers.

    So you really wanted cookies and milk, but the cookies won't freaking fit in the glass.

    Pika says: "Break them in half!" And oh look, he also brought flowers.

    Has your life ever gotten so absurdly out of control that you think nothing will ever go right again?

    It will get better eventually, you know. And in the meantime, this pika has brought you some flowers.