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10 Nifty Pads of Paper

I'm a sucker for novelty stationery. I like to think I have high standards too. Here are ten clever pads that I wouldn't mind keeping on my desk. You may even like them too.

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  • 1. 3D Fruit Pads

    In case it isn't obvious from the picture, these pads can either lie flat or be expanded to look like a piece of fruit. Don't worry about depleting paper spoiling the effect - it will simply seem as if someone took a slice out of your pad. (Source)

  • 2. Ginkgo Leaf-Its

    The packaging is adorable, is it not? These Ginkgo Leaf-Its are definitely for the note taker who would like something a little less dreary poking out of their books. (Source)

  • 3. Band Aid Memos

    These too are sticky notes. I'd use these for papers that needed editing. There's something amusingly appropriate about leaving revisions on a Band Aid. But these would also be a cute gift for a doctor friend. (Source)

  • 4. Flexible "Morph" Pads

    I have resisted the temptation to buy one of these because I know I'd play with it all day. Morph Pads, which come in a variety of colors and designs, are flexible stationery toys. You can twist and stretch them to your heart's content. If you're into fondling your paper goods, this is. (Source)

  • 5. Writer's Block

    Clever puns for the win! (Source)

  • 6. Memo Spa

    In this case, I think I like the memo holder more than the actual pad. Together, they're super adorable, but I'd be sad once the paper ran out. Luckily, you can buy refills. (Source)

  • 7. Go to Hell Notes

    These are perfect for that passive-aggressive stationery geek in your life. (Source)

  • 8. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

    My love of these is purely a nostalgia thing, but you have to admit that they're considerably less boring than the standard sticky note. (Source)

  • 9. Talking Bubble Sticky Notes

    Because sometimes you see something that's just crying out for a thought bubble. I'd be a little more creative than "Dinner at 8?" though. (Source)

  • 10. Dead Write Note Pad

    I already liked pads that also function as a pen holder, but this is definitely the cleverest example that I've seen. Plus it's got an awesome name. (Source)