Hunger Games Fashion

The Hunger Games premieres on March 23. What will you wear to the theater that evening? Here are some helpful suggestions in case you haven’t thought about this very important decision yet.

1. Peeta’s Pearl necklace

Inspired by the pearl Peeta gives to Katniss on the beach, this antiqued brass orb opens to reveal a Swarovski pearl. You can buy it here for $21 plus S&H.

3. Team Peeta Shoes

A must-have for anyone who is Team Peeta. How else will people know? These cost $80 plus S&H. You can buy them here.

4. “Real or not real?” bracelet

This bracelet commemorates one of the most awwww-worthy moments of the books. The double-sided stamping is totally fitting, isn’t it? Also, if you’re looking for fan items that aren’t totally over the top, this is the way to go. This costs $15.95 and you can buy it here.

5. Text earrings

The bibliophile in me appreciates these. They cost $19 and can be purchased here.

6. “Cinna Said” button

Always listen to your stylist. This one’s inexpensive: only $1.70 plus S&H. You can buy it here.

7. “I love the boy with the bread” t-shirt

Yet another Team Peeta reference, this shirt costs $20 and can be purchased here.

8. Mockingjay Messenger Bag

This vintage linen military badge has a hand-painted Mockingjay emblem. It costs $67 and can be purchased here.

9. “May the odds…” hair ribbon

This white bow with black netting costs $4.50 and can be purchased here

10. Charm bracelet

From the description: “Charms include: mutated monkey, nightlock berries, rose for Prim, Hunger Games book frame charm, bread for boy with the bread, leaf that heals the tracker jacker sores, mockingjay, Catching Fire frame charm, tree the careers chased Katniss up, Katniss’s bow and arrow, Mockingjay frame charm, wolf mutt, tracker jacker, Peeta’s pearl, Cato’s sword, Peeta’s decorated cake.” Bracelet costs $29 and can be purchased here.

11. “Girl on Fire” necklace

This tribute to Katniss costs $26 and can be purchased here.

12. Team Gale necklace

For the Gale-ites among us, this costs $28 and can be purchased here.

13. District 12 ring

This adjustable ring costs $14.95 and can be purchased here.

14. “Cinna is my Stylist” keyring

In case you want to jazz up your normally boring keys for the movie premiere. This costs $5 and can be purchased here.

15. Spaghetti strap shirt

This stylish shirt costs $17 and can be purchased here.

This seriously amazing Hunger Games-inspired locket opens to reveal a watch. You can buy it here for the bargain price of $7.50.

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