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    How To Nurture Your Jane Austen Obsession

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a literate nerd in possession of a recent paycheck, must be in want of a fandom.

    Your first goal is to Austen-ize your house. Here are items that can help.

    Pride and Prejudice Block Text Pillows

    Persuasion Block Text Pillow

    Pride and Prejudice Marble Coasters

    Darcy's Proposal Dishtowel

    Recycled Pride and Prejudice Rosette Wreath

    Pride and Prejudice Quote Mug

    Various Jane Austen Magnets

    "A Good Novel" Poster

    Jane Austen Tags

    Next, find yourself appropriate attire.

    Sense and Sensibility Clutch Purse

    Pride and Prejudice Scarf

    Jane Austen Quote Jewelry

    Regency Costume

    Finally, you will need lots of these: