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    How To Nurture Your Jane Austen Obsession

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a literate nerd in possession of a recent paycheck, must be in want of a fandom.

    Your first goal is to Austen-ize your house. Here are items that can help.

    Pride and Prejudice Block Text Pillows / Via

    These pillows will help you vet the worthiness of your acquaintances: anyone incapable of identifying the text of Pride and Prejudice will diminish your reputation.

    Persuasion Block Text Pillow / Via

    If you don't like the first pillows, you could also use this.

    Pride and Prejudice Marble Coasters / Via

    Lizzy does not approve of water rings and neither should you.

    Darcy's Proposal Dishtowel / Via

    Romance transcends the medium of dishtowels.

    Recycled Pride and Prejudice Rosette Wreath

    It's not blasphemy: it's art.

    Pride and Prejudice Quote Mug / Via

    This is for tea, mind you, not coffee.

    Various Jane Austen Magnets / Via

    Most good refrigerators are in want of a magnet set. / Via

    Or possibly two. / Via

    An excellent question.

    "A Good Novel" Poster / Via

    It keeps out the ruffians.

    Jane Austen Tags / Via

    Label anything that isn't sufficiently Austen-y with these.

    Next, find yourself appropriate attire.

    Sense and Sensibility Clutch Purse / Via

    If you're the type to carry a purse.

    Pride and Prejudice Scarf / Via

    If you want to be subtle, you should go with this scarf.

    Jane Austen Quote Jewelry / Via

    Or this pendant. / Via

    Or if you prefer, this one. / Via

    Yes, yes you are. / Via

    These earrings may reflect your true feelings.

    Regency Costume / Via

    But the best option is to go native.

    Finally, you will need lots of these: / Via

    But you may have this part covered.

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