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Hatofel Boyfriend: A Pigeon Dating Sim

If you were searching for a heavy dose of WTF today, look no further. In Hatofel Boyfriend, you play the only human attending St. PigeoNation Institute, a school for pigeons run by pigeons. As is only logical, your character develops warm fuzzy feelings for feathered creatures, prompting you to seek an interspecies relationship with a pigeon boyfriend. (Via)

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Screenshots: Hilariously, when you meet a character for the first time the game displays both a pigeon and a human avatar so if you're having difficulty relating to a goddamned bird, you can think about your potential boyfriend as a doe-eyed anime dude instead.

Character Profiles: Here's a sampling of the character profiles. They're in Japanese, but trust me when I say you're better off not knowing what they say. I guess you're supposed to be turned on by these. Oh, and the first image is the "Hatofel Boyfriend." I have no idea why he's bleeding.

Image sources for this post come from the Hatofel Boyfriend main site and Crunchyroll. If you're feeling brave (or just like pigeons) you can download the game here. You'll need to understand Japanese to play.

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