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The Top 5 Depressing Cartoon Songs

As determined by a child of the '80s. The aspiring curmudgeon in me insists that back in the day, sad was sadder. So if you like your nostalgia with a twist of misery, this list is definitely for you.

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5. "Flying Dreams Lullaby" - The Secret Of NIMH (1982)

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While the lyrics are meant to be reassuring, it's hard not to tear up a bit when you realize that Mrs. Frisby is singing this to her deathly ill son. Throw in the fact that little Timmy is a super cute mouse and everything just seems so much worse.

4. "Someone's Waiting For You" - The Rescuers (1977)

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It's bad enough that Penny is an orphan, but it just so happens that she's been kidnapped by maniacs forcing her to hunt for a diamond in an alligator-ridden bayou. Wouldn't you want a mom and dad to come find you? I sure would. Also notable: this movie has cute mice in it.

3. "Man's Road" - The Last Unicorn (1982)

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At this point in the movie, the titular unicorn is seeking fellow unicorns because wouldn't it be sad if she were the absolute last unicorn in the world? I think so. Except people aren't very nice to unicorns and it's a long damn walk to Haggard's castle. Cue depressing song, and you have to wonder why the unicorn just didn't go back to her forest.

2. "Do You Remember Me?" - Snoopy, Come Home! (1972)

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Before Charlie Brown, Snoopy lived with a girl named Lila. Lila is sick, possibly dying, and all she wants is Snoopy back. So she writes him the most depressing letter ever and they had to go and put it to music. Later, she gets better and gets a cat. Fickle, fickle, Lila. Oh, and don't forget the equally miserable tune from the same movie: "It Changes."

1. "Somewhere Out There" - An American Tail (1986)

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Fievel is separated from his sister Tanya and the two of them somehow manage to synchronize singing about how much they miss each other. They don't even sing particularly well, but people were flooding the theaters with their tears because it was just so damn sad. The moral of this story? If you want to depress the hell out of your audience, make sure you include adorable mice with serious problems.

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