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    15 Cats Acting Out Their Favorite Movies

    In case you ever wondered what cats like to watch. Or if you simply wanted to know if they're any good at Charades.

    1. Even though she knows it's cheesy, this kitten really loves Flashdance.

    2. I bet you can guess this kitten's favorite scene from Titanic.

    3. This cat learned a trick or two from Shrek 2.

    4. This cat freely admits that he's seen Undisputed II one too many times.

    5. Tim Burton's Batman is the only Batman for this cat.

    6. These kittens get excited every time they see the Neo vs. Morpheus scene in The Matrix.

    7. Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings is this cat's hero.

    8. This cat knows The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film.

    9. These cats think Gone with the Wind is totally romantic.

    10. This kitten prefers the Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey scenes in Dirty Dancing, however.

    11. This cat thinks Voldemort is the best character in the Harry Potter movies.

    12. This cat wishes they still made children's movies like E.T.

    13. This cat was moved by the final scene of The Graduate.

    14. This cat loved Christopher Reeves in Superman.

    15. And finally, this cat believes The Shining is the scariest film ever made.