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A Visual History Of Bilbo Baggins

Shall we go there and back again? Thanks to the soon-to-be-released Hobbit movie, images of Martin Freeman as Bilbo may dominate our consciousness. But Bilbo has had many different incarnations! Let's take a look at them.

1937: J. R. R. Tolkien's original drawings

1942: Children's Book Club edition's dust jacket

1957: First German edition of The Hobbit

1960: The Dutch edition of The Hobbit.

1960: The Polish edition of The Hobbit

1962: The Portuguese edition of The Hobbit

1962: Tove Jansson's illustrations

1966: William L. Snyder's The Hobbit

1967: Maurice Sendak's unpublished drawings

1973: Tove Jansson's cover for the Finnish edition of The Hobbit

1975: Frank Frazetta's illustrations

1976: Mikhail Belomlinsky's illustrations

1976: Hildebrandts' Tolkien Calendar

1977: Rankin-Bass's The Hobbit

1978: The Lord of the Rings Animated Feature

1979: The Bulgarian edition of The Hobbit

1980: Rankin-Bass's The Return of the King

1985: U.S.S.R. film adaptation of The Hobbit

1989: The Hobbit comic book adaptation

1990: Lord of the Rings, Vol. I for PC

1995: Alan Lee's The Hobbit illustrations

2001-3: Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy

2003: The Hobbit by Sierra Games

2012: Peter Jackson's The Hobbit