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    '90s Middle School Contraband

    Children of the '90s, how permissible was your middle school? Here are 20 items that could result in detention if brought or worn to class. Give your school a point for every banned item and a half point for items likely to be confiscated and report back in the comments.

    1. Slap Bracelets

    2. Coed Naked T-Shirts

    3. Homemade Pen/Pencil Cannons

    4. Pogs

    5. Tamagotchis

    6. Temporary Tattoos

    7. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    8. Rubber Poppers

    9. Black Lipstick

    10. Slam Books

    11. Card Games

    12. Silly String

    13. Big League Chew

    14. Wacky Packages Stickers

    15. Troll Pencil Toppers

    16. Sagging Pants

    17. Ring Pops

    18. Kool-Aid Hair Dye

    19. Sticky Hands

    20. Ripped Jeans