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Eight More Oddly Colored Creatures

Orange crocodiles, green bees, and yellow lobsters -- oh my! Every now and then nature throws us for a loop by producing animals in colors we don't quite expect. If you missed it, catch the first installment here.

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3. Green Sloths / Via

Sloths sometimes appear to be green because their fur is an ideal environment for blue-green algae. Unlike most fur-bearing animals, sloths' fur will absorb water, which encourages algae to grow and impart a green hue. Click here to read more about a Finnish study on the symbiotic relationship between sloths and algae.


6. Orange Crocodiles / Via

In late 2011, Snappy the crocodile surprised his handlers by suddenly turning orange. The reptile experts at the Roaming Reptiles Park in Australia attributed the change to a broken filter; Snappy had attacked it prior to his dramatic color change, and handlers suspected that iron or tannins in the water were responsible. No harm came to Snappy after he turned orange. Coincidentally, an orange alligator was sighted earlier in 2011.

8. Metallic Green Bees / Via

When we think bees, we think yellow and black stripes. But in reality, bees come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, and green. Bees in the genus Agapostemon are not only green, but shiny. If you can stand the joke: green sweat bees are the shiny Pokémon of the bee world.

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