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    7 Strange Pokémon-Inspired Products

    Pokémon are plastered on everything these days. But maybe they shouldn't be on these products.

    1. A tank top

    It's the placement of the Pokéballs that weirds me out.

    2. Condoms


    There are actually a few different types of Pokémon condoms. It's just that these were the most terrifying.

    3. A non-functioning Pikachu clay pipe


    It's a decorative pipe. You know, so no one thinks you actually smoke crack.

    4. A beaded bra


    This bra is made out of pony beads. Because pony beads are totally comfortable.

    5. Pikachu Menstrual Pad / Via

    For those of you who aren't in the know, these are reusable, eco-friendly sanitary napkins. But maybe you don't want to have Pikachu's cheery face smooshed in your crotch all day.

    6. Bong

    The Pokébong was super effective. Or so I'm told.

    7. Implants


    If you're going to buy implants, maybe think twice about it.

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