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35 Bookplates Belonging To Famous People

Curious how famous people laid claim to their libraries? These lovely inserts not only indicate a book's provenance, but they often reflect the owner's personality. Ranging from silent movie stars to presidents, here are examples of ex libris from the historical elite.

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1. Sigmund Freud

2. Greta Garbo

3. Edgar Rice Burroughs

4. Robert Frost

5. L. Frank Baum

6. Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson)

7. Ernest Hemmingway

8. George Washington

9. Albert Einstein

10. Maurice Sendak

11. Bing Crosby

12. Charlie Chaplin

13. Walt Disney

14. Woodrow Wilson

15. Bette Davis

16. William Butler Yeats

17. Jack London

18. Harry Houdini

19. Harpo Marx

20. Charles Dickens

21. Calvin Coolidge

22. Nelson Eddy

23. Oliver Wendell Holmes

24. John D. Rockefeller

25. Edward Penfield

26. Benito Mussolini

27. Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks

28. H. P. Lovecraft

29. Alexander Hamilton

30. Paulette Goddard

31. Teddy Roosevelt

32. H. G. Wells

33. Rose Wilder Lane

34. William Howard Taft

35. Queen Victoria

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