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    21 Unconventional Things People Have Used To Make Bras

    These bras are trying to make a statement, but I'm not always sure what that statement might be. It could be "I recycle!" or "I'm an artsy type!" or possibly "I'm a walking junk heap!"

    1. Lobster Shells

    2. Holiday Wreaths

    3. Candy Necklaces

    4. Mirrors

    5. Bacon

    6. Buttons


    7. Headlights

    8. Lettuce

    9. Magazines

    10. Gas Masks

    11. Chocolate

    12. Goldfish

    13. Flowerpots

    14. Skulls


    15. Baseball Mitts

    16. Cardboard

    17. Cacti

    18. Beer Caps and Tabs

    19. LED Displays

    20. Cherries

    21. Giant Fish Sculptures