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    21 Animals That Support President Obama

    All of these pets support the Obama-Biden ticket in the 2012 presidential election. They're definitely the cutest campaigners that I've seen.

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    These dogs believe that re-electing Obama is their only hope for repealing DOMA.

    2. / Via

    This fish is a strong proponent of environmental protection.

    3. / Via

    This dog gives up his weekends to canvass for the Obama-Biden ticket.

    4. / Via

    This cockatiel has learned to say "OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT!" and "Hello, I'm a pretty bird."

    5. / Via

    This puppy posts signs for the Obama-Biden campaign.

    6. / Via

    This cat proudly wears his Obama bandana to work.

    7. / Via

    This dog oversees the Dogs for Obama PAC.

    8. / Via

    This fish couldn't be more excited about voting for Obama in November.

    9. / Via

    These pups look up to Bo as their hero.

    10. / Via

    This dog made his t-shirt all by himself.

    11. / Via

    An '08 veteran, this cat is looking forward to a second term.

    12. / Via

    This puppy wants his Obama bumper sticker to look just right.

    13. / Via

    This cat is very serious about Obamacare.

    14. / Via

    This dog is organizing a Hawaiian-themed campaign fundraiser.

    15. / Via

    This goat is the barnyard contact for the Obama campaign.

    16. / Via

    This cat is not afraid to express his political views.

    17. / Via

    Unfortunately, this dog's new poster didn't fit in his doghouse.

    18. / Via

    This cat raised over $15,000 phonebanking for Obama.

    19. / Via

    This dog wants to tell you why he's an Obama supporter.

    20. / Via

    Unable to pay off his vet bills, this dog was grateful for the passage of Obamacare.

    21. / Via

    This fellow plans to be the coolest dog at the polls.

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