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    20 Things That Probably Should Not Exist

    Taste is subjective, I guess. Anyone want any of these?

    1. Faith-Enhancing Breath Spray

    2. Blinged-Out Bananas

    3. Poopy-Time Fun Shapes

    4. Electric Bath Ducks

    5. Denim Jean Frying Pans

    6. Eyeball Jewelry

    7. Testicle Shampoo

    8. Meatball Bubble Gum

    9. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

    10. Paula Deen Butter Flavored Lip Balm

    11. Designer Vaseline

    12. Chocolate Cheesesteaks

    13. Shaving Dolls

    14. Nose Stylus

    15. Hand Underwear

    16. Man Candles

    17. Umbrella Shoes

    18. Privacy Sweaters

    19. Pickle Toothpaste

    20. Cookie Pizzas

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