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    20 Reasons Why You Should Get A Geeky Pet

    They understand you better than anyone else ever will.

    1. You will always have someone to play video games with.

    2. They will teach you the trick to throwing a 20-sided die.

    3. They will understand your Lord of the Rings jokes and make some of their own.

    4. You won't be the only friend in your group dressed up for Comic Con.

    5. They will never object when you want to marathon the original Star Wars movies instead of doing work.

    6. They write Harry Potter fan fiction in their spare time and it's actually good.

    7. They'll test last minute changes to your Magic: The Gathering deck the night before a tournament.

    8. They will lend you their favorite graphic novels.

    9. They will tolerate your action figure collection because they have one of their own.

    10. They totally love that you named them Chewbacca.

    11. They will sing along with you when you launch into your favorite nerdy theme song.

    12. They make excellent dungeon masters.

    13. They will have a serious discussion with you about which Ninja Turtle is the best fighter.

    14. They know how to rig your ancient computer so it can run World of Warcraft.

    15. They understand why you need tickets to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie.

    16. They come up with the best Halloween costumes.

    17. They are excited to accompany you to your local comics shop on new comics day.

    18. They will help you pick out an appropriately geeky custom license plate.

    19. They will know that they have to carry the One Ring to Mount Doom.

    20. They also hate Navi.

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