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20 Of Your Favorite Characters If They Aged In Real Time

You know why real-time continuity isn't always a good idea? It makes you feel ancient. But if you don't mind being reminded of your inevitable decrepitude, check out how old your favorite comics and television characters would be today. You know, if the laws of physics actually applied to them.

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5. The Ninja Turtles would be in their 40s. / Via

Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first appeared in 1984 as a Mirage Comics imprint. If they were teenagers (13-19) in 1984, then their ages would fall between 41 and 47 years old today.


14. Strawberry Shortcake would be 41. / Via

The original incarnation of Strawberry Shortcake was a six-year-old girl. Her first appearance was not as a toy or in a cartoon, but on greeting cards designed by Muriel Fahroine in 1977.

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